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Editorial Review Board for ECA Best Practice Guide on RMMs appointed

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ECA's RMM Working Group is pleased to announce that two highly respected experts in pharmaceutical microbiology Scott Sutton, Member of the USP Microbiology Subcommittee and Michal J. Miller, E. Lilly, will join the Editorial Review Board of the Best Practice Guide on RMMs.

"The involvement of these two prominent advocates of modern microbiological QC will help us reaching our goal: helping both authorities and industry to get a better understanding of the requirements for the introduction of RMMs and providing them with guidance based on case studies and available experience. I am very grateful that Mike and Scott accepted our invitation." stated Mike Edgington, Chairman of the ECA RMM Working Group.

Together with Klaus Haberer, Member of the EP Expert Group 1 "Microbiology" Mike Edgington will complement the Editorial Review Board.

Dr Ulrich Herber
On behalf of ECA

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