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in 2008 and 2009, ECA's RMM Working Group started with new activities. A RMM database was created, new information about RMM Systems have been added to the database in the Member area and two successful conferences with more than 100 participants each were organized in Berlin and Vienna.
In 2010 the RMM Working Group will go on with several activities:

  1. The RMM Advisory Board got two new members,
    Ms Barbara Gerten,
    Microbiologist Merck KgaA, Germany and
    Mr Peter Ball, Pall Life Sciences, United Kingdom
  2. VITEK2 Chapter of ECA's RMM Good Practice Guide published for discussion

    One of the goals of ECA's RMM Working Group is to provide documented information for its members about the Pro's and Con's of rapid microbiological methods that are emerging in pharmaceutical QC. After a long break, we are proud, to add now the second chapter in our Good Practice Guide as a part of the new activities of ECA's RMM Group. Each chapter of the group's Good Practice Guide will be based on the experiences colleagues have gained during implementing, validating and applying these new methods in the pharmaceutical industry. The RMM Working Group considers the contributions as "living" documents to which many should contribute. The second chapter on the VITEK2 system which is used for phenotypic identification has been published in the member's area of the RMM Working Group. We would like to thank N. Berthoumieu from LEO Pharmaceuticals and his colleagues for sharing the experiences they have gained with the VITEK2 system.

    The ECA RMM Working Group invites all colleagues interested in alternative microbiological methods to comment the published paper (see link below).
  3. RMM Database updated in March with new systems
    In March, the RMM Database for searching suitable Rapid Microbiological Systems has bee updated with four systems of Charles River.
  4. The RMM Advisory Board Meeting, 3rd May 2010 on the occasion of the 3rd European Microbiology Conference, 4th and 5th May 2010, Barcelona, Spain

    RMM Board Meeting Agenda:
    1. Welcome and Introduction
    2. Scheduled activities 2010
    3. RMM Conference 8th and 9th December Budapest, Hungary
    4. Short Presentation Dr. Thomas Montag, Paul Ehrlich Institut
    5. Short Presentation Sébastien Ribault, MILLIPORE S.A.S.
    6. Various Topics

    The most Board Members will attend the following Microbiology Conference and will be available for questions during the conference.
  5. Conferences and Events:

    1. 4th and 5th May 2010, 3rd European Microbiology Conference, Barcelona, Spain 

    2. Rapid Microbiological Methods Conference 2010, 8th and 9th December 2010, Budapest, Hungary.
    Confirmed Speakers from Authorities and Industry, like Brian Riley, FDA, Scott Sutton, USA, Friedrich von Wintzingerode, Roche and many more.
    The complete programme will be published soon.

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If you would like to contribute to other alternative methods please feel free to contact the group's chairman Dr. Sven M. Deutschmann. Please send your proposals to

Sven M. Deutschmann
Chairman Rapid Microbiological Methods Working Group

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