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Rapid Micro Methods Database: Update with three new Systems

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During the first three months in 2011, the rapid methods database was updated with three new systems:

1. CytoInspect™ of Greiner Bio-One, a diagnostic kit for the identification of mycoplasma species

2. BD FACSMicroCount, of BD which provides a comprehensive solution for microbial enumeration and product bioburden testing

3. VITEK MS from bioMerieux for identification of yeasts and bacteria with an optimised Mass Spec system, suitable for product release.

Currently, there are 27 different systems listed in the database. That will give you the chance to compare them under the aspects of detection range, analysing method, detectable organisms and several more criteria. This will give you a unique possibility to get an overview about available systems and their possibilities.

The database is available in the RMM Group member area with your access code. If you want to become a member of the working group, you can register free of charge here.

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